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Le Mans 2019 - Gallery 4

24 Hours, 24 Shots on an old Russian Lubitel 120 film Camera

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The start of the race at the Playstation Chicane
Powering into Mulsanne Corner
The fans and their souvenirs
Stoffel gets Interviewed
Roberto Watches
Onto Hunaudières
The Tetre Rouge Stella Bar Catches the On Screen Action
Pit Exit
Snatched Sleep at Porsche
AF Corse Service No 51
The Podium
Half Way
Big Wheel & Ford Chicanes
Champagne Bar, Deserted
Nibbles (the camera started to complain from here on in)
The Devoted
Sleep Where You Can
Panning at Ford Chicanes (there's a car in there, honest)
Approaching Ford (camera getting really upset now)
Getting in Position for the Grand Finish Early
The Band is Back Together
1 Hour To Go (nuclear winter effect)
The End. (there's a Toyota crossong the line in there...)
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